I write about Italy because it holds a special place in my heart. I attended ALMA, an Italian cooking school just outside of Parma, and worked at La Palta, a wonderful michelin starred restaurant in Bilegno, (aka the middle of nowhere!) and travelled as much as I could.

Life in Italy
Day of the DeadPane dei Morti and traditions of the day of the dead
Horse for Dinner – Yea or Neigh? – tradition of eating cavallo in Italy
Cinghiale – near attack by a wild boar
Festa di Ringrazio? – the non-tradition of Thanksgiving in Italy
Peanut Butter – or lack thereof in Italy
Io Parlo Moo, Tu Parli Bao – language barriers in Italy

Bilengno/Piacenza/La Palta
Photos of Life in Italy – daily life working at a michelin starred restaurant in Italy
Life in Bilegno – a description of my working day at La Palta
Life in Small Town Italy – photos of Bilegno, population 70 + 1 Canadese
Funghi Porcini – porcini mushrooms in season and on the menu at La Palta
Moments with Zucca – frustration working with squash
Gambero di Fiume – wrestling with gambero di fiume
Where in the world is Leslie? – a geographic romp to discover where I worked
Pasta-Pasta-Pasta – a surprise trip into Piacenza and the pasta of the region
Ciao La Palta, Ci Vediamo Dopo – last days in Bilegno & La Palta

Emilia Romagna
Formaggio di Fossa – visiting Roncofreddo and cheese aged in buried pits
Cellphones & Cycling – biking through the Parma region
Calzones make me weep – my first dinner in Italy makes me cry
1st day at ALMA – 1st day of cooking school in Colorno
That’s Bologna! – a day in a fantastic city

The Pulse of Firenze – San Miniato al Monte, Osteria Antica Mescita
Under the Tuscan Stars –  a visit to a Tuscan butcher, a party under the stars

Savona Seaside Escape – visiting the small town of Savona and eating farinata  

Ca’ del Bosco – a visit to the modern and incredible vineyard
I’ll meet you at the corner of Prada and Louis Vuitton – a day trip to Milano

Campo de’ Fiori – exploring a market in Rome

Monaco, or how to lose 15 Euros in 3 seconds – mistakes made at the Monte Carlo

My home and native land. Great food and travel abounds.

Large cows, lupins & lobsters a trip to prince edward island 

United States of America
Our neighbour and a country of amazing cities.

I left my heart in San Francisco – eating my way through San Fran
Alinea – or a trip down the rabbit hole – my experience at Chicago’s, Alinea
L2O & a fine-dining hang over – eating at Chicago’s L2O
Bumper crops & punk rock bakeries – Chicago’s  Bleeding Heart Bakery
Chicago – a study in high class/low brow dining – deep-dish pizza & Garrett’s 

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