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Reading Week!

My practical exam went well, Chef said my first course was too simple and then by the 3rd course he was still talking about the 1st (weak, weak *shakes head*). I thought the grilled zucchini and fresh mozzarella was gorgeous – simple and beautiful. I thought that’s what Italy is all about. Ugh. So frustrating. He and I didn’t see eye to eye about presentation a lot of the time. I like simple and beautiful, he likes old school hotel looking food. Blargh. He thought everything else was delicious, but I, of course, replay his “weak, weak” over in my head.
A week off is necessary. I am burnt out.
I am going to Prince Edward Island for a week away to visit my family and my friend Scott and eat copious amounts of lobster. I need a week away from school to unwind. It will be the last break until November 28th when Chris comes to visit me in Italy after my placement is over. Do I know where I am going to be placed in Italy? Nope. Hopefully when we get back and we have Chef Tomaselli, he will find out for us. It’s killing me not to know! Where am I going!!?

Chef Zambotti and our class
(I’m in the back somewhere!)