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Smoking on a Cold Winter’s Day

Super Bowl Sunday is really about the food. It’s an excuse to make macho meaty food, eat with gusto and half-heartedly watch large men in tight pants tackle each other. Sounds like a good Sunday, right?!

We usually stick to the typical script of chili, nachos and wings. Last year we made two Bobby Flay recipes, his Lamb Chili and Chipotle Wings. Oh, Bobby. I love your flavours. This year, we decided to step it up a notch, we wanted pulled pork, regardless of the -8 degree weather. I went to the St. Lawrence Market North Farmer’s Market and got a 5 lb pork shoulder to smoke on our bright blue charcoal barbeque. We dry rubbed the shoulder and let it get delicious overnight in the fridge. Using a mixture of hickory and mesquite wood, we smoked the shoulder for 6 hours until it was fall-apart delicious. In our house there is a battle about creamy vs. vinegary coleslaw, but creamy won out today and we topped our tangy meaty sandwiches with a creamy brussel sprout and cabbage slaw. If only every Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.