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kat-sup. ket-chup. catsup.

When you think of ketchup, you think of tomatoes. 


You also think of Heinz, the #1 ketchup producer in the world. 

The average American* eats THREE bottles a year. Like, woah. Three bottles. We go through one a year, maximum. 

Controversy arose in my kitchen when I made a non-tomato based ketchup. No tomatoes? That isn’t ketchup! Well I am setting things straight right here and now. Ketchup does not need to include tomatoes! In fact, (and I gathered my facts from the venerable source of wikipedia), tomato ketchup gained popularity a full century after traditionally made ketchups, which refer only to a sauce with a vinegar base. Huzzah.

I had a whack of rhubarb and wanted to preserve it somehow, but didn’t want to make more jam. I came across a blog that had a year-long canning challenge, Tigress in a Jam. As jealous as I am that I am not a part of it, I am participating by making some of their delicious recipes, like the Cavalier Ginger & Rhubarb Ketchup from the blog, Laundry Etc. I had never made a ketchup before but had tasted a rhubarb ketchup at the buddha dog corn-dog stand at the farmers market on Saturday and was smitten. I had to have it in my very own pantry. So, now I do. 

In three weeks, I am the proud owner of my very own homemade controversial non-tomato rhubarb ketchup. Victory! 

*not sure about Canadians