kat-sup. ket-chup. catsup.

When you think of ketchup, you think of tomatoes. 


You also think of Heinz, the #1 ketchup producer in the world. 

The average American* eats THREE bottles a year. Like, woah. Three bottles. We go through one a year, maximum. 

Controversy arose in my kitchen when I made a non-tomato based ketchup. No tomatoes? That isn’t ketchup! Well I am setting things straight right here and now. Ketchup does not need to include tomatoes! In fact, (and I gathered my facts from the venerable source of wikipedia), tomato ketchup gained popularity a full century after traditionally made ketchups, which refer only to a sauce with a vinegar base. Huzzah.

I had a whack of rhubarb and wanted to preserve it somehow, but didn’t want to make more jam. I came across a blog that had a year-long canning challenge, Tigress in a Jam. As jealous as I am that I am not a part of it, I am participating by making some of their delicious recipes, like the Cavalier Ginger & Rhubarb Ketchup from the blog, Laundry Etc. I had never made a ketchup before but had tasted a rhubarb ketchup at the buddha dog corn-dog stand at the farmers market on Saturday and was smitten. I had to have it in my very own pantry. So, now I do. 

In three weeks, I am the proud owner of my very own homemade controversial non-tomato rhubarb ketchup. Victory! 

*not sure about Canadians


  1. HollyM

    Yum. Wow. I am going to make yummy things like this come september! :)Fabulous. Love it. I love to try non traditional things btw. So anytime you want me to test something out I'm game!

  2. Gloria

    How great for me to see my 'cavalier' title on your jars. I hope you like the ketchup. I have taken to making a vegetarian hot dog and dolloping rhubarb ketchup on it and it is delicious. I'm glad to have found your blog and will be back soon.

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