Mia Menu

Blustery, cold weather makes me want to hibernate, braise and bake. My purchases from Sanagan’s Meat Locker became my inspiration for obsessive stuffed pasta production. I bought some lovely beef stewing meat for my stracotto di manzo, a 4-hour slow cooked beef filling for the gorgeous anolini I learned to make in Italy. I made them for friends we had over for dinner on Friday with tortelli, a swiss chard and ricotta filled braided stuffed pasta. For an appetizer we had a simple prosciutto and grana padano plate, mozzarella crostini and a fresh cabbage and fennel slaw. For the main, we had pan-seared halibut with a roasted red and yellow pepper sauce and tiny little pesto filled tortellini. Yum!

Part of our last semester is to be the Chef of the Week at the Chefs House restaurant, so I made this menu specifically to test out parts of my menu. I have to admit, I have been obsessively thinking about my menu since mid-October. My original visions were far too complicated for our school restaurant and being told I am doing my menu at lunch has led me to the menu I handed in on Monday. I am happy with my menu, but I wish I could access some of the ingredients I used in Italy. Cavallo, anyone? My menu is appearing as a prix-fixe option ($22 for 3 courses) during the week of April 13-16th. Check out the website to make a reservation: http://www.thechefshouse.com/


Guazetto pomodoro con uovo strapazzate e cremino al grana padano
Tomato guazetto with egg and grana padano cream


Tortelli con la Coda
Tortelli stuffed with ricotta, grana padano and greens


Merluzzo nero ai due peperoni con raviolini al pesto
Black Cod on Red and Yellow Peppers with Pesto Raviolini


Millefoglie allo zenzero e cioccolato con blackberry e marmellata cilegie
Millefoglie with ginger and chocolate with blackberry and cherry preserves


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