Monaco, or how to lose 15 Euros in 3 seconds.

Monaco. At 2 kilometres square, it is the the second smallest country in the world, second only to the Vatican. Surreal and perfect on the Medditeranean Sea. It houses the famous Monte Carlo casino, where I managed to press the wrong button on my slot machine and lost 15 Euros in 3 seconds. We promptly left. These things happen, Europe is confusing.
The cars in Monaco were as beautiful as the people and the buildings. I know nothing of cars but was dumbfounded by the insanity of these machines. Ferrari Spiders and Rolls Royces were a dime a dozen. The shopping was astronomical, Ferragamo, Prada, Hermes, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, every luxury brand in the world was for sale. Monaco was too perfect, I expected James Bond to show up at any minute. It was almost too much. I do not know that I would return again, but it was certainly an interesting day trip to see how a tiny percent of the filthy rich population lives, or vacations.

We aren’t in Italy anymore. Beautiful and modern train station.

The Monte Carlo.

Yeah, I guess that’s a big boat.

A shopping mall in Monaco.
Alain Ducasse. We didn’t go here for lunch.

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