Photos of Life in Italy

My front door in the 70 person hamlet. Inviting, no?
The wine our Chef’s husband helped create – Una.

A basket of leaves. Used as garnish.

One of the porcini sellers.

Smoked tongue.

Crate of grapes, uva.

Grape mousse dessert.

Risotto for a wedding.


The kitchen.

The offending gamberi from posts of yore.

A bitter melon.

Millefoille. Chocolate Mousse.

Fiore di zucca salad with frog and confit tomato

Special display for an event.

More of the display, bello, no?

We had a lucky night off last week, and went to Locanda del Falco, a local castle for dinner.

The store at the restaurant, might be my dream store! Watch out Toronto.


Pianello, the town Sara and I used to go to for coffee and gelato breaks.

Dolce foccacia.

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