Moments with Zucca

I am pretty down about being here. Truthfully, I am not enjoying most of the days of the week. Monday is the best day, Sunday night, in the lead-up to Monday, is also partially enjoyable. In an effort to be more positive, I thought I should list both the best and worst moments of the day.

Best Moment:

This evening, when cutting zucca (pumpkin) into brunoise, little five year old Camilla came up and watched me. We practiced her english colours, and she ran around the kitchen naming colours as I brava’d her all the way. Sweet little girl. She always makes me smile.

Worst Moment:

When trying to look busy so I don’t get in trouble, I sliced my index finger. On something I didnt even need to do. Chef hates two things: when we stand around, even if there is nothing to do…and that I look tired. No comment on the last one, I commented enough last night, thankyouverymuch. &*%^$%&!


  1. Margaret

    Happy Friday Les – only two days till Sunday…wish you liked it better but try to take it one day at a time.. you're almost half way through October so the end is getting closer all the time… xoxo Hugs

  2. Sue

    well I typed this once already and then realised I had to create an account.Sorry you are not having a good time.I know how tiring it is to try and look busy.One of the reasons I like could be here in the rain and the damp.Your mom is coming to Thanksgiving dinner with us.Sandy ,Andrew and Lorysa are coming.Andrew was on TV last night for about 20 sec on the new Mike Holmes show on HGTV.Sunday is coming and so is Dec.we will toast you on Monday at dinner.Love you Aunt Susie

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