Where the wild things are…

PETA beware. Animal creulty ahead.

This week, we were treated with buckets full of live gambero di fiume (shrimp, 4 inches long). I did not expect we would dispatch of them quite the way we did. The chef picked one up, ripped off the tail, its pinchers flailing, trying to retaliate at its murderer. She then ripped the mid-section of the tail out to remove the….poop, and yanked the pinchers off. Dividing each into a separate pile for us to continue the torture of every last gambero. They continued to move, crawl around and feel about for a full hour after they had been separated. Wow. Turns out they are on our fall menu so I will be torturing gambero with my bare hands for the entire season.


  1. Margaret

    NO WAY i could do that! Jenny & Trong brought home some leftover sushi and i could barely eat it because there was a shrimp with the head/antennae on it – can have eyes on my food!! Good for you!!

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