A surprise trip into the city of Piacenza today has allowed me to use the internet for one precious hour. Moments like this shant be wasted. The pure bliss of an internet connection. Huzzah.
Tuesdays seem to be a bit slow at the restaurant. We use the afternoon, it seems, to make filled pastas. For hours. Today, was anolini filled with grana padano and donkey. Yes, donkey. Turns out donkey is very tasty. We made thousands of anolini for at least four hours. My hands have blisters, I feel I could make them in my sleep. And I may dream of them tonight. It wouldn’t be the first time I have dreamed of stuffed pastas. Did you know the annual average in pasta consumption per person in Italy is 59 pounds a year? I believe it…I have had 2 meals in the past three weeks that didn’t involve pasta of some sort.
Anolini are popular in the region of Piacenza, one of their typical dishes. The other stuffed pasta they are known for, and the one dearest to my heart is Tortelli. Bella tortelli. These little suckers are much more time consuming to make because they are self sealing, closed by almost braiding the pasta. Bella! The first time I did them I didnt think it would be possible to learn, but after three times I am getting pretty efficient at making them. They are filled with spinach and fresh ricotta, nutmeg and grana padano.
I can’t wait to get back to Toronto and teach my friends how to make tortelli.
Tortelli Piacentini
Anolini Piacentini
(again, not my photos – no computer= no photos)


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