cellphones & cycling

Welcome to Italy! Wait in line for 3 hours! Hurry up and wait! Our first outing was to the mall in Parma to get cell phones. What an experience. I think we will learn very quickly that nothing gets done quickly in Italy.Anyhow, we got cell phones, mine is one of the few that isn’t activated yet, but in time. Patienza.
After the phone debacle, we went to downtown Parma for a few hours. It was just beautiful…exactly what I expected a european city to look like. Gorgeous. I will be returning. Chris and I went to a bookstore and bought a childrens novel to learn Italian. We’ll have book club with wine and try to plow through it. I have only finished a paragraph so far and forget what it was about so I will have to read it again…

We sat at a cute little restaurant and had caprese salads and vino bianco. My first tomato in Italy didn’t dissapoint. So sweet and perfect. Not mealy and dry like the ones at home. I liked them so much that I went to the grocery store later and bought a carton of cherry tomatoes and ate them like sweet sweet candy. If it wasn’t Sunday I would buy more, but the stores are all closed. How civilized, and annoying.

Instead of going out last night a few of us had a dinner al fresco with peaches and gorgonzola, a caprese salad, gnocchi with sage and butter, and bread and olive oil. This is the life.

This afternoon my friend Chris and I explored the countryside of Parma on our rented bicycles. What a way to see this beautiful country!

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