Calzones make me weep.

Third day in Italy, or is it the second? I am so screwed up with my internal clock I am having a hard time knowing what day it is.

We arrived in Bologna in the early afternoon on Friday and, having no trouble with any of our bags, boarded the sauna that is our tour bus. I was dreaming of a shower and a bed, but they had other plans for us…we turned into a restaurant overlooking a lake with huge cyprus trees lining the perimetre and ate a 3 course lunch. Now, on any other day I would be all for this, but we had been travelling for 20 hours and felt like death. Not to be rude, most of us ate everything that was given to us. I tasted delicious gnocco fritto, a risotto with sausage wrapped in prosciutto, and a soothingly cold semifreddo. So much food for such a queasy stomach, but I perservered.

We arrived at our residences and settled in. I had a short nap and we went to explore the town of colorno. We went for a delicious dinner at a local pizzeria and tried to order in Italian, luckily Tania was with us and helped us out quite a bit. We ordered octopus, calzones and vino rosso. The calzone was amazingly delicious, stuffed with artichokes, mozzarella, sausage, prosciutto. I actually teared up during the meal because it was so delicous. We headed back to the residence and drank 2Euro wine (!) until far too late.


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