5 exams, 4 days.

I am leaving for Italy in 4 days. School finished a few days ago with a whirlwind exhausting week of 5 exams. I was in a beautiful wedding yesterday and have just now had a chance to reflect on this past week.

I was extremely nervous about my practical exams in cooking and pastry. I designed the menu for my cooking exam the weekend we moved into our new house and hadn’t tested them at all, so I wasn’t sure how it would all turn out. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do really well on this exam because at the end of my basic culinary program, I had the same Chef and really screwed up on my exam, so I felt I really needed to make up for last semesters debacle.

I had also never worked with fresh fava beans (my husband is not much of a bean-eater) or zucchini blossoms and was fearing the worst. So, I got the ingredients the night before the exam and tried them out. Other than a few tweaks here and there, I felt confident with the results and my ability to perform them in the limited time we had been given in class. Exam day I was psyched and ready to go – I haven’t had a smoother exam in culinary school. I got an A+. Yippee!

Fiori di Zucca Fritti con insalata di pomodori e finocchi
Fried Zucchini Blossom with Tomato and Fennel Salad

Tagliatelle con fagiolo di fava e parmigiano
Tagliatelle with Fava Beans and Parmesan

Filetto di branzino al burro di acciughe con asparagi e pomodori
Fillet of Sea Bass in anchovy butter with asparagus and tomato

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