Leslie, zero… Gnocchi, two.

I am cursed. Gnocchi and I are mortal enemies. Its starch and I do not get along. As soon as I touch gnocchi, it turns into instant glue. In class this week we made delicious truffle gnocchetti tossed with peas, bacon, butter, truffle, marjoram and parsley. My sauce turned out beautifully. My gnoccheti were gorgeous little pillows, uniform and lovely. I was so proud. I thought I had finally broken my curse. In the final minutes before I presented my food to the chef, the water is boiling, the gnoccheti go in, and BAM…gluey mess. Too soft. Crap. They were falling apart as I took them out to incorporate them into the sauce. Chef said I worked the dough too much. I barely touched it. I think if I even look at gnocchi dough it turns on me. I have a curse.


  1. Jessica

    While I am a comparative kitchen novice, my most recent, well-intentioned gnocchi experience turned into opaque, gelatinous balls of butternut dough. I can only imagine the horror of performing for a grade! Brave one, you are.

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