Bizarro Sole food from Campania.

So, this week we studied the region of Campania. I have made some very strange looking things since beginning cooking school but nothing can top what we made this week. Pagelle Farcite e Salsa allo Zenzero – or, bizarro sole shaped like a donut filled with a stuffing of cannellini beans, kale, red onions, ginger, scallions and thyme. Donut shaped fish! Not-necessary. Why manipulate a beautful fish like that? Ick. Phooey. This photo is the Chef’s, when I made mine I switched it up and made a rectangle instead of a donut. Much more elegant, right? riiight.

To accompany it, we made Sformatino di Formaggio Caprino e Ricotta – or timbales of broccoli, goat and ricotta cheese. The sformatino weren’t gross looking and very delicious, it’s hard to go wrong with two cheeses and broccoli.

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