Roasty & Toasty?

The cold has finally come. I had a miserable day at work. I walked most of the way home. Stopping for a Cherry Bomb latte and chocolate biscotti. My spirits were lifted instantaneously. They have the Wanda’s Pie in the Sky cookbook on display – I think they may use the recipes from the book in store. I swear everything made from that book is amazing. I have yet to be disappointed.

I stopped in at the grocery store for yogurt and came out with a 3 lb chicken, completely out of season organic raspberries, milk, a jalapeno pepper, and crappy grocery store garlic. Isn’t that always the way? Grocery stores are designed to make me impulse buy. Marion Nestle tells it like it is. Preach on, Marion Nestle, preach on.

The heat in my apartment doesn’t seem to be working. So roasting a chicken is the perfect way to make things toasty in here. Roast chicken is my new go-to weeknight meal. I can putter around the house while it roasts and throw in whatever I have to roast along side. Tonight, it’s one lone purple potato and two pieces of butternut squash.

Timer is dinging! Chicken time!

p.s. I’m still freezing, but at least I’m not hungry.

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