I left my heart in San Francisco.

August was a whirlwind of guests, last minute trip planning and vacationing. California was a gastronomic adventure of gluttonous proportions. Yosemite excluded, we ate fantastically.

We arrived in San Francisco, famished from a 5-hour flight with only two things on our minds: get to Yosemite and find the legendary California burger chain, In-N-Out. We found one, and what a burger! So fresh, so simple, so juicy. Yum!

We arrived in Yosemite, stuffed full from our burgers, content to sit on the Wawona Hotel porch, eating local cheeses and wine, listening to the whimsical piano stylings of Tom Bopp.

While Yosemite may have lacked in flavour, it was more than made up by in awe-inspiring landscapes and mountaintop engagements. After three wonderful nights in Yosemite we made our way to San Francisco, through Santa Cruz and alongside the Pacific Ocean on Route 1.

Saturday morning! The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market! Glee!

We bought Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, Acme bread, Saint Benoit Yogurt, heirloom tomatoes, mission figs and peaches for picnicking.

Blue Bottle Coffee Co. fresh brewed filter drip coffee. Amazing. It took about 20 minutes to get a fresh filter drip coffee and a latte, but it was worth the wait.

Beautiful okra.

Heirloom tomatoes ($1.99/lb!) were everywhere. I could move to San Francisco based on my first glimpse of produce alone. *swoon*


One of the best things we ate in San Francisco – a beer battered taco with salsa de arbol, cabbage and avocado mayo from Primavera’s stand by the pier.

…to be continued…

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