Bunches of Basil

What do you do when the friendly farmers market boy gives you three bunches of beautiful basil for the price of one? You make pesto. Emerald green pesto. Now, I love basil but the overpowering smell that emanates from cleaning and tearing the leaves has me feeling queasy. To combat the smell of basil, I started to clean the even bigger bunch of cilantro I got from the farmers market. I love the crisp clean lemony smell of cilantro. Five years ago I hated cilantro (and most things, really) and now I could eat it at every meal. Funny how tastes change. My plan for the cilantro is to make a chimichurri, tomorrow.

My first pesto. My first post.

I grated the Parmigiano Reggiano, minced the garlic, and blanched the basil. While toasting the (expensive!) pine-nuts, I started to write this post. The familiar smell of burnt wafted from the kitchen. oops! I burnt the pine-nuts! They weren’t salvagable, so I started over again. A quick pulse or seven in my small, but mighty red cusinart processor and voila! pesto! Tomorrow I’m having a kitchen phobic friend for dinner, so I think we’ll use the pesto in some homemade panzerottos.

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